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How do I set up NEXUS?

Head over to our Getting Started page for all the details.

What is the relationship between NEXUS and PUSH?

NEXUS is a subsidiary brand of PUSH built for the world of Functional Fitness. The PUSH Band hardware is used by the NEXUS app to monitor your movement. The relationship is similar to how you can use a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, or 100’s of other activity trackers to feed into something like Apple Health Kit, Nike Run Club, or Strava which are the apps that use that data. The PUSH Band is your Garmin/iWatch/Fitbit and NEXUS is the app that uses the data collected to give you training insights.

How does NEXUS track the exercises I am doing?

The PUSH Band includes a gyroscope and accelerometer. These sensors provide data on your movement patterns 1,000 times per second. Our proprietary algorithms take that data and translate it into understanding what exercises you are doing, the velocity of each rep, and the distance you are moving the load (barbell, dumbbell, your bodyweight, etc). These algorithms that lead the world in exercise modelling are developed by performing exercises in a 3D motion capture laboratory wearing the same body markers you see being used in video game and/or movie CGI development. In 5 years, the Band device has been used to record over 30 million reps with each one increasing the accuracy.

For dumbbell and kettlebell, do I enter the weight for each hand or both together?

For any dumbbell or kettlebell movements, you would enter the weight that is written on the implement. Ie. if you are lifting two 20lbs dumbbells, enter 20lbs.

How long does it take to enter a workout?

It takes around 30 seconds to build your own workout on the NEXUS app.

Does NEXUS have a sound or vibration for pacing, rounds, reps, etc.?

NEXUS does not yet have any sound/vibration notifications but it is simple for us to implement sounds so we will be monitoring what indicators our users want so that we can bring this to you in the near future.

When will NEXUS be available for Android?

We have no set date for the Android launch; however, we built NEXUS on React Native which is a programming language that allows for the app to be used on both Android and iOS. We are already working on bringing Android to the market and hope to do so in the first half of 2019.

Does NEXUS count calories?

NEXUS does not count calories, it measures your mechanical work output in kilojoules instead. Calories and kJ are directly related but kJ is a metric that is very common in the Strength & Conditioning world to track your actual physical output and not just how your internal system is burning energy. See metrics for more details on the benefits.

Does NEXUS count steps?  

NEXUS does not count steps. Visit our website for more details on the metrics we track for athletes.  

What is the Battery Life?

The PUSH Band battery will give you 30 hours of continuous motion recording. While powered down your Band will hold it's charge for 12 days. It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge your PUSH Band, but If you're in a hurry you can get 50% of battery life from just 30 minutes of charging.

Can NEXUS compare past with current results?

Currently, you can manually go back in your Activity Feed to see how you performed on today’s workout in the past and plan how you will attack it this time. Making this automatic in the app and providing the suggested plan of attack will be available in the near future once we have acquired more data. This is a feature that we are very excited about and are already exploring.  

Which movements does it track?

NEXUS can track over 140 movements in the app and we are constantly expanding our database. Check out the exercise list HERE.

When does the device get in the way of a workout?

The only time the Band on your arm might get in the way is when you are doing something when the outer forearm could get hit. These movements would be ring dips/muscle-ups or anything with kettlebells in front rack. Just wear the Band spun around your forearm enough to be out of the way for a workout that includes these movements.

How to interpret the metrics?

The NEXUS Data page explains each of the metrics and how they can be used to improve your performance. These YouTube videos also explain the metrics in layman’s terms and we will continue to publish great content to the NEXUS Resources Blog to help you make the most out of the platform.

Can NEXUS track rowing, air bike, skier, running and double unders?

NEXUS can track rowing, air bike, ski-erg, and double unders. It can tell the difference between a single under and a double under - pretty awesome! Support for workouts with running will be added soon.

How quickly does NEXUS provide data?

There are some metrics that are provided live as you train. Full data insights are provided immediately once a workout has been completed.

Can I leave my phone at home?

In order for NEXUS to work, you will need your phone within range.

Does NEXUS count reps that have not been executed in the full range of motion?

There are times that a rep that is not full ROM may be counted but we have implemented some very smart algorithms to limit this and tell the difference.

Does NEXUS require certain movement standards?

The NEXUS Movement Standards can be found HERE.

Does it sync with BTWB, Wodify, Apple Health, etc.?

NEXUS will soon synchronize with Apple Health and some other platforms but not at this time.

Is there an option to pull in HR info to compare with NEXUS metrics?

The team at NEXUS is already testing HR integration and we hope to be supporting HR compatibility by early 2019.

Can I share WODs?

There is a long list of awesome social features that we are excited to roll out, one of which will enable sharing WODs with your coaches and friends. We are hard at work continuing to grow the capabilities of NEXUS.

Is there a leaderboard option?

NEXUS has a global leaderboard that allows you to compete with your friends and every other NEXUS athlete in the world.

If I purchase a Band, can more than one athlete use it on NEXUS?

Yes! Each athlete can download the app for free and take their turn connecting to the Band for their workout.

Does is measure strength training?

We held back the strength training section of the app at launch but it will be following very soon!

Does NEXUS need to be in the range of my phone during a workout?

The NEXUS band should be within a 20-meter range of your phone. A phone with Bluetooth 5.0 (iPhone 8, 8+, X, XS, XSmax) will get even longer range.

How does NEXUS calculate calories or metres on machines like Concept2 or Assault?

NEXUS can detect strokes and measure the speed and distance of each. The algorithms use this info to calculate the cadence for the exercise. We use the prescribed value of calories/meters to calculate the total work done on the exercise. The only assumption made is that the athlete completes the prescribed meters/calories and does not cheat in any way.

Do I need to enter my bodyweight for the load on bodyweight exercises?

The load 0 represents your bodyweight. Adding load to movements like pull-ups, air squats, pushups, etc. would be done by wearing a weight vest or weighted belt.

What is the sleeve made out of and how breathable is it?

The NEXUS sleeve fabric is a jersey knit composed of 80% Nylon / 20% Elastane designed to be moisture wicking and breathable. You will find it to be very similar to Drifit or other sports compression wear. It also comes with enough “shaping power” or “muscle control” to stay in place during training.

Can you pair the same PUSH Band used on NEXUS to the PUSH VBT app?

Yes, NEXUS uses the same PUSH Band 2.0 hardware as the PUSH VBT app so the same hardware can be used with both iOS apps.

Do you have to use the arm sleeve with NEXUS or can the PUSH strap be used?

You can use either the sleeve or the strap to train with NEXUS. You will receive both with your order so it comes down to preference.

Can I choose the colour of the device and the sleeve?

You can choose between a grey and black NEXUS sleeve.

When do I click the button on my Band?

Before you start the workout you click the button on the NEXUS band. If the workout is ‘for time’, you also click the band when you have completed your last rep. If you are doing an ‘AMRAP’, the workout will end automatically when the time is up.

Body Placement of device?

Place the band on your upper forearm, just below the elbow. See the Getting Started page for details.

Is the PUSH Band waterproof?

The Band is sweat resistant but not submergible.

When is the ship date?

Shipments will start October, 2018.

Do you ship to Brazil?

NEXUS offers worldwide shipping and most countries are free!