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Get started with NEXUS

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Check Your Band's Charge

Using the included USB charger, plug your Band in until the charge indicator light goes from red to green.

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Get the iOS App

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Pair Your Device

Make sure your bluetooth setting is on and then connect your Band right in the NEXUS app.

Keys to Training with the Band

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Light Faces Away From Wrist

Wear the PUSH Band at the top of the forearm, with the LED pointing away from the wrist.

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Click Button to Monitor

Click the Band to start your workout. All workout styles will end automatically when time runs out except a For Time workout. Only a For Time workout requires you to click the button after your last rep.


How should the PUSH Band be worn?

Upper Forearm

The Band module is always worn on the upper forearm with the light facing up toward the shoulder. Typical placement is on the outside of the arm.


Some exercises like ring dips or holding front rack kettlebells cause the equipment to rub on the outside of the forearm where the Band module is situated. For workouts that include these movements, rotate the Band module to sit on the inside or back side of the forearm to be out of the way.

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How do I pair my PUSH Band with my iOS device?

  1. Turn on your Band
    - The light will flash blue while searching for your device

  2. Click the image of the PUSH Band in the top right corner

  3. Select your PUSH Band's ID from the list

    1. Click ‘Refresh’ if your Band is not visible

  4. An image of the PUSH Band will appear when connected along with the battery level indication

  5. The blue light will stop flashing and remain solid to indicate a successful connection

  6. The Band icon in the top right will show a blue ring around it once connected

Only one PUSH Band can be connected to one device at a time.

What do the Different Light Colors Mean?

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Build Your First Workout

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What Exercises Can be Tracked?

The list of exercises that can be tracked by the NEXUS platform is currently just over 140. This number is always growing as we continue to create and add more. In order to add new movements, our Sport Science and Algorithms teams work at the University of Toronto 3D motion capture laboratory to map out new movement patterns. The capabilities we will soon add enable combinations of exercises and other ways of treating the library to fit your workout. In order to

The Metrics 

NEXUS provides metrics that tell the story of your workout performance in a way that is easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to action on in order to make improvements. Click a workout entry from your Activity Feed in order to see the details of how you did.

The metrics currently provided are Work, Cadence, Round Splits, Work:Ret Ratio, and Power. We are working on adding more data in the future as well as developing ways to give you suggestions for peak performance.

Live Global Leaderboard


Every Sunday night at midnight, the leaderboard resets to zero. As the week progresses, it will display every NEXUS athlete across the globe based on their total work output. Compare yourself to your friends, box-mates, and the rest of the world to truly understand how your effort stacks up.


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