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Designed for Training

Every athlete is training to improve their fitness and exceed their own personal goals, but not every athlete has access to the same kind of support. NEXUS will never replace your coach, but it can efficiently provide you with the kind of extra analysis needed to propel you to the next level.

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Build or Choose Your Workout

Quickly build your own or choose from the library of Girl, Hero, or Open workouts.


Click and Go

Simple as that. Use the live data displayed during your workout, or put your phone aside and focus on training.

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Analyze Your Results

Identify your weaknesses and put a plan in action to make them strengths.


Compete and Compare

How do you stack up against the rest of the world? Measure your total Work output against your friends or try to catch the best in the world.

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Why Monitor Work?

This is the first step to managing your performance and health over time. Large increases in work over a short period of time, or constant high amounts of work without adequate recovery may put you at risk for breakdown or injury. For example, if the highest amount of work you have sustained during a session is 100 kJ (kilojoules), and the workout for today is 200 kilojoules, this may be beyond your current capabilities. The same principle can be used week over week or month over month. The accumulation of work over longer periods (weeks and months) should be slow and consistent. Conversely, large drops in work over time can lead to de-training. Strategic low work periods (days/weeks) can aid in recovery and increase performance over time.

How To Use Power

The higher your Power output, the more intense or "hard" the exercise or workout will be. In competition, the athlete with the highest power over the course of a workout will win. Manipulate your technique, cadence, rest periods (work to rest ratio), and round split time in order to maximize power output.

Understanding Splits

This can provide information into how you are pacing or fatiguing through a workout. As you complete workouts with differing movement sequencing, you can learn how your round splits should be managed depending on the specific combination and how your body reacts.

Maintain Your Ratio

The work to rest ratio will give you information about how much recovery you are taking during a workout. Rest allows you to replensih energy and remove metabolic waste by-products. More rest time will allow you to perform at higher intensities (power outputs) during the work periods, but will add to the clock time. Less rest time will create more fatigue, decreasing power outputs, but lowering the clock time. Finding the optimal balance between work and rest by understanding the overall ratio for different workouts will help to guide intensities or pacing strategies to maximize power outputs.

Managing RPM

Cadence is your pacing. NEXUS provides this data for each exercise independently as you cannot complete heavy Barbell Cleans at the same Cadence as you can doing Double Unders. Depending on the exercise or workout, you may choose to increase or decrease the amount of repetitions you complete per minute. A higher cadence will give you higher power output, but will also fatigue you quicker. Find your optimal cadence to minimize the rest required to complete the exercise or workout in the shortest time possible.

NEXUS Metrics

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Work is force multiplied by displacement. It's the distance you have lifted a load multiplied by the force required by your muscles to do so.


Power is work divided by time. This can be understood as "how fast" you completed the work endured, or the intensity of a training session.

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In a workout with multiple rounds (repetitions of a series of movements), it is the time required to complete each round.

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A ratio comparing the amount of time spent completing work with the amount of time spent resting or transitioning between movements.

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Cadence Image.png

The average number of repetitions completed over one minute of time. This is displayed individually for each exercise in a workout.


About PUSH

The PUSH Band is used by teams in nearly every professional sporting league in the world. From the NFL, NBA, and MLB to leagues outside of North America like the EPL, NRL, and AFL, to name a few. It is used to track the Power and Velocity of every rep as these atheltes put a lot of focus on developing the explosive power that is required to excel in their sports. With the release of the PUSH Band 2.0 in early 2018, changes and additions were made to the hardware enabling NEXUS to pull data in new ways from this versatile tool.

In partnership with the University of Toronto in Canada, PUSH continually tests subjects in the 3D Motion Capture Laboratory performing different movements in order to capture the movement pattern data required to create our Movement Detection algorithms.

The PUSH Band has been used to collect over 15 million reps throughout over four million workouts, amounting to well over 15 terabytes of movement data. This data has enabled PUSH to dial in the accuracy of the Band to levels enabling it to be used in medical and university research studies globally. To be used at these levels, validation is key. The PUSH Band has already had three validation studies completed by third party research groups and has over 20 studies ongoing currently at instiutions and universities around the world.

NEXUS is comprised of the same Engineers, Sport Scientists, Coaches, and Developers who created the PUSH Band system and are led by those well-versed in the world of Functional Fitness to ensure that this technology is correctly applied to this new space. 

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Powered by PUSH

The PUSH Band is the world's leading wearable device for strength & conditioning, placing the sport science lab in your pocket. NEXUS is taking the technology PUSH has spent 4+ years developing for the professional world of sports and applying it to functional fitness.


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