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About PUSH

The PUSH Band is used by teams in nearly every professional sporting league in the world. It is used to track the Power and Velocity of every rep as these athletes put a lot of focus on developing the explosive power that is required to excel in their sports.

The Band has been used to collect over 20 million reps throughout over five million workouts, amounting to well over 2 terabytes of movement data. This data has enabled PUSH to dial in the accuracy of the Band to levels enabling it to be used in medical and university research studies globally. To be used at these levels, validation is key. The PUSH Band has already had three third party validation studies completed and has over 20 more ongoing.

In partnership with the University of Toronto in Canada, PUSH continually tests subjects in the 3D Motion Capture Laboratory to document the movement pattern data required to create the algorithms.

NEXUS is comprised of the same Engineers, Sport Scientists, Coaches, and Developers who created the PUSH Band system and are led by those well-versed in the world of Functional Fitness to ensure that this technology is correctly applied to this new space.


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